Website Redesign 2023

I’ve had this website since I was college in over 14 years ago. It’s gone through many designs and iterations over the years, but the redesign I’m rolling out today is the first since 2017.

Designers and Editors

I saw a tweet this morning that brought to mind the role of the designer and the role of the editor.

Percolating Updates

There will be a new version of the Mind Vault app in the store soon. It will be small, but it will be a start.

MBA for a Designer

An MBA is not typical in the career path for a designer.


Olympic Logos

Declarative Design

Improve Uber Passenger Identification


Who Should Code

Disappearing Design Business?

Electric Cars

Designers Who Code

Design Production Process

Building Mind Vault 2.0



Website Redesign 2013


New Business Cards