This morning I went on a short bike ride after weeks of waiting for some repairs in the shop. I’m feeling grateful for beautiful places to ride in, good friends who introduced me to cycling a couple years ago in Austin, and the clarity of mind that exercise gives me. #givethanks

You wonder how social media/internet can radicalize you? Try enjoying The Crown, watching 4–5 behind the scenes videos on YouTube, and then watch how your YouTube homepage instantly becomes 50% royal family.

Today I turn the page on another year. On days like today I sometimes think back to the person I was in previous years. I feel grateful for the opportunity to change, grow, and learn. In other words, to repent. #givethanks

Sundays have been such a restorative day for me. They’re an opportunity for a change of pace, a break from career and oppressive consumerism. Feeling grateful for the Sabbath, an opportunity to reflect on bigger, more important things and focus on the people I love. #givethanks

Last month I travelled to Grand Teton National Park with my wife for a weekend of hiking. Today I’m grateful for the wonders of God’s creations and a wonderful companion to explore them with. #givethanks

Hiking at Grand Teton

Last year a dear friend came to visit us when we were packing up to move, realized we were in over our heads, and quietly texted our faith community. Within 3 hours 20 people had packed and loaded our whole house for our move. Feeling grateful for community. #givethanks

Love my use-big-fancy-camera-as-webcam-behind-teleprompter-for-meetings setup. My favorite part is how MS Teams continually updates and breaks compatibility with virtual cameras, forcing me to fall back to the lesser world of plain old webcams once or twice a month.

At the point in iOS development where I’m thinking of tracking the number of open browser tabs per Git commit.

My Election Day anxiety plan? Making mole and eating it with chicken, rice, and beans. If that fails, there’s always Ted Lasso.

Watching the Apple Event and all I want from Siri is to be able to rename it to something that doesn’t sound similar to the names of 2 names in my family.

I’ve been making cookies a long time, but I let the sugar and butter cream in the stand mixer for like 10 minutes for the first time this week and it’s like I’m on another plane of existence. Spread the good news folks.

I’ll say it again, turning parents into IT support is by far the most stressful part of remote schooling for younger kids.

Heads up for bloggers. Every time I see a truncated article that needs me to login on Medium I close the tab. Medium is its own thing, but it’s not a blog.

You can tell I’m officially a coastal elite now. I bring the food of my people whenever I travel inland.

Peruvian breakfast

Dune looks amazing! I can’t wait for it.

Feeling strongly tempted away from Sony full frame to Fujifilm. I love my X-100T and the X-T4 looks great.

The most recent Talk Show is really good. I’ve been pretty frustrated lately regarding App Store controversies (mostly frustrated with App Store defenders), but I loved this episode’s focus on developer community and the wonderings about what an open-web equivalent for mobile development could look like.

Muse looks pretty awesome! Could be a great research/brainstorming tool