Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Loved it, slower than vol. 1 in the middle, but overall really great. One of my favorite things has to be all the colors. So fun.

At the window.

Dr Pepper

Fitbit app updates. Check to see if it talks to Apple Health, nope. Close it again for another six months.

Bamboo at the zoo

First day back at work after a weeklong staycation. I feel like a lawn mower that is trying to get started for the first time after winter.

Successful trip to Waco.

Testing out the new camera.

Dunkirk was amazing. Saw it in 70mm. Sucked me in completely. Nerve wracking and intense the entire time.

After traffic court today, homemade pizza is sounding even better.

Kong was fun. The period stuff was great and it was fun watching big monsters. The last half hour was pretty confusing though.

Having been a Boy Scout for a couple years as a teenager, yesterday’s politically charged speech is stomach turning. I can’t think of a worse assault on Scouting’s stated values.

Picked up an IKEA smart lights starter kit this weekend. It’s pretty great for lamps. I can’t wait for HomeKit support to arrive.

Alright, wrapped up getting a new family car last night. I’m hoping I’m done car shopping for a few years now.

2nd car dealership in a month. :unsurewhatemojibelongshere:

Sitting down to watch The Lost City of Z. The book was fascinating so I’m really looking forward to this.

I had a lot of fun on The Run Loop. Collin and I talked about design, development, iOS, iPad productivity, and refugees. Give it a listen.

When I see things like this I see a future where I could use either Mac or iPad for my work, depending only on my mood at the moment.

I can’t believe I keep forgetting about Sketch Mirror, it’s so helpful.

It’s great to have a iPad app again. Things are shaping up over there pretty nicely.