Been playing around with Medium Format film recently. It feels substantial, fun, and fulfilling.

Bench and trees at Battle Point Park

My new iPhone purchase avoidance strategy is taking the case of my current phone. Feels brand new.

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Just when I needed some good focus music there’s a new Explosions in the Sky album!

There have been so many great Figma quality of life improvements over the last several months. What a great piece of software.

I’ve gotten the film bug.

The Valley from the East Bench Trails at Sunset

Computers have been fast enough for anything I’ve thrown at them for years now. Recently I’ve been running AI generation in MacWhisper, DiffusionBee, and Faraday (great native mac apps for using AI models BTW) and I’m finding a new performance frontier. Fans run, things slow down. I’m sure some of this will improve through optimization, but there is now a reason to buy faster computers again.

Excited to ship Reviews in Career Minder. Now you can use Career Minder to prepare for regular career events, like monthly/semi-annual/annual reviews, or job interviews. Check it out!

I love the web. I love browsing the web, reading the web, making things on the web, using web technologies. But the fact that you cannot reasonably use so much of it without an ad blocker because the of the crazy amount of intrusive stuff that blocks the things you’re trying to read, watch, or experience is surely an indictment of the web industry.

First non ebike/first non crashing my MTB bike ride of the season. I am embarrassingly out of shape, but it feels fantastic. And I actually stretched afterwards. So, feeling pretty good, pretty pretty good.

Re: building features with AI. I feel like being cautious with generative, sometimes hallucinatory, AI in customer facing applications is wise. That’s why Smart Resumes are designed as an assistant that uses smart suggestions to help you pick, but allows you to override and select the best experience if you disagree. You’re always in the driver’s seat.

Smart Resume Walkthrough

There’s also a video that explains and demonstrates Smart Resumes. This was a lot of fun to put together. It’s good to flex old motion design and video production muscles.

Today the first Career Minder AI backed feature launched, Smart Resumes. Here’s what it does: builds a resume for by matching what from your work experience is most relevant to a job description. This way, you can have tailored resumes for every job you apply to. Here’s a blog post explaining the feature.

CSS is so good these days. Just figured out that you can use media queries to detect whether a PWA is running in standalone mode and act accordingly without resorting to JS. We have it so good compared to what it was even a few years ago.

First MTB ride of the season. Ended in bruised rib & thigh, scraped cheek, ear, and neck, bloody knee, and splinted wrist. So it goes. Can’t wait to go again.

Nothing focuses the mind like live bugs in production.

Dune 2 is looking very nice… very nice indeed…

This has been a long time coming. I’ll probably write up more on the background and process for building it at some time soon. In the meantime, you can also see Career Minder on Product Hunt.

Career Minder is launched! I’ve been working on this for a while. Super excited for people to check it out. Check it out!