Minari was fantastic! Great story about immigration, culture, family, with a little bit of faith thrown in.

The new Ioniq 5 looks awesome!

What do people need? Speaking for myself, time outside and a bike ride to clear the mind.

First night on an M1 Mac and wondering where I’ll see the performance improvements. Yarn Start on a modern Javascript tangle (a.k.a. website) was crazy fast.

Container queries going into the CSS spect is cool and all, but when will I be able to put emojis in URLs? The web, mostly me, wants to know.

My favorite part about Clubhouse is how it makes you feel sad and rejected when you’re not invited and you don’t even know what people do in there. Just like the real clubhouses of our childhoods.</sarcasm>

The Expanse finale was fantastic. This show is such a pleasure to watch. Sierra and I hold our breath for pretty much the entirety of every episode.

The Dig on Netflix was really good. A visual feast with lots of feels.

My kids have discovered Goat Simulator. My house is now anarchy. Hide your loved ones. It’s the goat’s world now, we’re all just living in it.

What I really want to know at the end of this Gamestop saga is whether or not they can figure out how to get more of the new consoles on their shelves.

What this whole state department Trump bio situation looks like to me is content editors updating a field in a CMS, possibly as part of the transition between administrations. Could be more than that, but a simple mistake seems more plausible.

Why yes, I’ve eaten half a panettone in the last 24 hours. Why do you ask? What do you pair your attempted coups with?

Wolfwalkers is really good. That is all.

We moved the family to Bainbridge Island over the weekend. Now the weeks-long shuffle of boxes from one room to the next is well underway.

My life has been immeasurably blessed by two major pillars, faith and family. They are pillars in the support they offer me. My relationship with them grows and asks more of me the closer I am to them. God and his gift of familial relationships are anchors in a stormy world. #givethanks

Today I received a favorable result from a medical issue that has been weighing on my mind. I am grateful to live in a time where medicine has advanced to the degree it has and there are caring healthcare workers to provide it. I am especially grateful for family that is willing and eager to fast and pray together on my behalf and on behalf of others we love. #givethanks

This morning I went on a short bike ride after weeks of waiting for some repairs in the shop. I’m feeling grateful for beautiful places to ride in, good friends who introduced me to cycling a couple years ago in Austin, and the clarity of mind that exercise gives me. #givethanks