Catalyst (formerly Marzipan) had me thinking of getting back into app development, but SwiftUI might have sealed the deal. It looks awesome, perfect time to jump in.

One thing the MBA has changed for me is how quickly I turn to spreadsheets when making life/money decisions.

I’m so glad we are reliving the time when web developers made their technical preferences our problem by not testing their work in non-preferred browsers. The dream of the 90s is alive in developer land. </sarcasm>

The kids discover an old settler’s cabin at Balcones National Wildlife Preserve.

Cabin in Balcones National Wildlife Preserve

I’m always surprised how wet it is to cycle in fog. I suppose I should remember it’s basically a cloud.

Ben & Jerry’s announced dairy free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. They’re fulfilling a dream I didn’t know I had, but when will it arrive in stores?!

Really loving the latest Day One release for Mac. Feels much more native to the Mac and all the labels are readable again.

New baby week.

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Netflix Feature Request: Alternate film/series edits based on my preferences. I’m not a cliffhanger guy, don’t show me cliffhangers. Watching this movie as a family. I would like a PG version please.

About to board a flight for Shanghai. My first trip to China, or anywhere in Asia.

Upgraded my site to Craft 3 recently. Pretty happy with it so far. Very familiar, snappy, and the plugin process is easier.

I wrote this last Christmas time. It still describes my feelings as my family commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Launched a redesign of my website over the weekend. Still some rough edges to tighten up, but I’m overall happy with it. Now includes an about page.