Saw something on YouTube recently where some folks chose In-N-Out over Shake Shack. I couldn't believe it so got In-N-Out for lunch to remind myself. It’s fine, but better than Shake Shack? No way.

“When does Thor Fraggle Rock come out on video?”

Really loving the InVision workflow view these days.

I read The Death of Expertise then wrote some thoughts about it.

Wearing a coat at my desk. You’ve betrayed me Texas.

JIRA, when properly used, makes you more productive by forcing you to do your work in 50% of the time because it takes the other 50%.

The children have discovered animoji. Send for help.

Coco. A+. I really love it when Pixar does a non-sequel. Beautiful to watch, full of feeling, and it’s all about family.

Prepping for another Texas summer with swimming lessons for the little ones.

President’s opinion of poor, non-white countries and the people who come from them reconfirmed. If you’re looking for a better example of an American approach to poor struggling nations and people, read up on Paul Farmer.

What We Do in the Shadows. Hilarious.

Hello FASFA my old friend…

Thank you for your service President Monson. God be with you till we meet again.

One of my favorite things this break has been watching toddler successfully tagging along with her older sister.


Dropped off a dead hard drive at an Amazon Locker for a return today. Those things are pretty cool.

My tech predictions as of January 2018.

Cleaned up and organized the home office closet today. Feels good to finish something that’s been bugging me for over a year.

It’s been a great week :)

Christmas 2017

Christmas tamales. Yum.

Christmas Tamales

Eating our traditional Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Christmas Eve spread to help us get in the mood for recounting that Christmas Eve in Bethlehem from long ago.