I love that so many people in Seattle ride bikes. One benefit is that there are little bike repair shops that can fix things for you in an hour or two so you can get back on your way for the ride home.

Had a great President’s Day hike with the family.

Family Hike

Wonderful to see migration while waiting for the bus this morning.


When the dog insists on joining an outing without knowing beforehand it was a bike ride.

Riding With Finn

I thought that Alibaba was just Amazon for China, but I recently realized you can use it to find manufacturers for anything. My mind is blown, it’s like I’ve seen inside the Matrix.

I’ve heard the 80:20 rule used enough ways now that I’m pretty sure it means whatever you want it to mean.

The new X100V looks amazing. My X100T is my favorite walk-around camera, and the new one (2 generations newer) seems like a great move forward.

It feels so good to be working on a logo design again. It’s been so long.

It’s a beautiful day in Seattle. Can’t wait to ride my bike home.

So we’re not even gonna pretend to try with this whole impeachment thing…

Craft 3.4 admin UI is very nice, very nice indeed.

The Star Wars Resistance finale was pretty fun. Doesn’t rise to the heights of Clone Wars or Rebels, but the kids and I enjoyed it.

Almost through this week’s snowmageddon in Seattle. Growing up where people clear roads I’m continually baffled by Seattle. However, it’s not going to change so we’ll probably be swapping out for AWD vehicles this summer to avoid problems next year.

Devoured Blood Letters by Lian Xi this week. A searing read, devastating and inspiring.

Maple old fashioned is the correct donut. There are almost correct donuts that will do in a pinch, but I’d rather be correct.

Time for the annual Elf viewing.