Nodding to Manton’s The algorithm has ruined Facebook. Almost cried this morning when I came across a cute husky puppy video and accidentally reloaded the page and lost it forever. 

My gaming decisions.

I think I’m settling on a new car choice, and it my surprise, it’s a Hyundai.

Very cool stuff happening with Day One. Turned on their new end-to-end encryption last night and ordered a bunch of my journals as books.

Great article on the state of web without Javascript.

Our long dumb quotes nightmare is almost over.

Big day last week.

Little Man’s Graduation


Leaning towards a small commuter car again. Prius C looks pretty good. We’ll put a lot of miles on it, so the mileage seems great.

Brought daughter to work for a couple hours today. My favorite question was, “your boss is a girl?” My response, “of course.” Her smile at that moment was infectious.

WWDC was full of some pretty great stuff. Don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist installing iOS 11 on my iPad. A few hours maybe?

After last weekend’s accident, the car is likely a total loss. So it’s time to car shop again. Any suggestions?

Wrote about recent home automation developments.

Struggled switching web hosts to Laravel Forge (backed by DigitalOcean) last night. Wasn’t sure why it wasn’t working. Destroyed and rebuilt a couple servers, finally realized I had registered SSL but forgot to activate, :/ All working now.

Anne with an E

Switched my JSON Feeds (BlogSnippets) to use the updated Element API plugin for Craft. Very nice. Side benefit, I now know how to deal with Matrix Fields in raw PHP, not just Twig.

In which I try to give my best explanation of

Spent some time last night getting JSON Feed setup for my blog and snippets feed. Pretty cool project.

Wrote about Nazca and aqueducts.

I’m on at Stop by and say hi.

Today is the first time I forgot my iPhone 7’s lightning headphone adapter. :(