wrote my thoughts on my recent trip to interview refugees in Europe with Their Story is Our Story.

Friday Favorites is a pretty great idea.

Sketch Libraries are amazing. Such a great tool.

If the honey to water ratio in herbal tea gets high enough does it cease to be herbal tea?

Episode VIII tickets purchased. December 15 can’t come soon enough.

I can’t wait for the Pumpkin Spice season to give way to Peppermint season.

I think the jet lag period of my post-travel adjustment might be over. :)

Tried to recreate a Parisian breakfast for the kids this morning. I thought it turned out alright.

Parisian Breakfast 2017-10-09

Wrapped our week of filming refugee interviews in Paris and Frankfurt. It has been exhausting, saddening, and occasionallly inspiring.

Last morning in Paris went great. Now I’m back in Frankfurt ready for some more interviews tomorrow and the next day.

Day 3 of Paris refugee/volunteer interviews in the bag. These people are tough, but they are good.

Today in Paris was a day full of video shoots and interviews. Volunteers who distribute goods to refugees living on the streets, and several refugees who have left their homes behind. I feel drained, but ready for more tomorrow.

The new Gosling SNL Papyrus skits reflects a conversation I had with a fellow designer this week.

Frankfurt has been lovely for a few hours. Now off to Paris for a few days before coming back to Germany.

Next stop, Frankfurt.

Watched Star Trek Discovery. It’s fun and I’m excited to see where it goes, although CBS All Access seems like a terrible value for a single show. Might cancel and wait for it to hit iTunes or something.

The opening for Ken Burn’s The Vietnam War is gripping. Great use of music, Reznor is a great pic to work on this.

Wearing a hoodie while sitting in my 72° house (91° outside). Am I a Texan now?

If you find yourself in Houston after a day of disaster cleanup and are wondering what a good followup meal would be, the answer is fajitas. The answer to many things is fajitas, btw.

New carpet week in the office this week. Should’ve brought a gas mask when I decided to not work from home today.