Watched Columbus last night. I really liked it, but I feel like this is a The Fountain situation, where people I recommend it to will either love it or hate it.

Tigers always pace.

Pacing Tiger 2017-12-05

Hanging out at IndieWebCamp Austin. :)

Elephants playing with their Thanksgiving pumpkins.

Elephant and Pumpkin 2017-12-05

The toddler prepping the grill.

Toddler 2017-12-05

Brigham Young’s House at the base of Emigration Canyon.

Brigham Young’s Home 2017-12-05

The boy shooting hoops.

The boy shooting hoops 2017-12-05

Turning Up the Volume on the refugee crisis

Views like this are one of the reasons I love Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake Sunset 2017-12-05

Tried Lyft for the first time today. Very similar to Uber, but I like the app a lot more. It feels fun.

Looking forward to IndieWebCamp here in Austin this week. You should check it out. I think it’s going to be lots of fun.

We did it. Going with fake tree this year. No regrets.

There’s no landscape quite like Dineh country in NW New Mexico into SW Colorado.

10 miles into our 1200 mile trip and we’re stopping at Dahlia’s for breakfast, because kids. This is how you make good time on a road trip right?

Installed some smart light switches, paired them with some motion sensors, and I’ve got some HomeKit automation going on. I really like it so far.

Bad Homburg

Bad  Homburg 2017-11-14


Rancho Sienna Sunset 2017-11-13

Hill country

Hill Country Nature 2017-11-09

San Gabriel, South Fork.

San Gabriel South 2017-11-09

Sunset in Williamson County.

Sunset Georgetown 2017-11-08