Just voted in the Washington state primaries by mail, as everyone here does, and turns out nobody stole my ballot or waited by the mailbox with a shredder. Feels pretty safe and secure.

I recently watched A Hidden Life. It’s a film full of wondrous beauty and heart-wrenching questions. It is particularly timely and serves as a direct response to Martin Scorsese’s Silence, which was also great. The movie will leave you wondering what you would do, it certainly did for me. It may also lead you to ask what you are doing now.

Robin Rendle keeps hitting it out of the park on his blog. I love this piece about iterating in product design.

If you, like me, were never into mustard as a child, I can confirm that you may change your mind if you try it in your mid-30s.

I’ve been hearing a lot of comments from the Apple commentariat that they miss things about the old WWDC. I don’t doubt them, but for me the keynote and sessions are way better than they’ve ever been and I’ll be disappointed if they go back to the old format next year.

Gotta say, I love the quicker pace of the WWDC Keynote this year.

Just reaffirmed to myself that modern web development is 95% dependency management and 5% web development. Is this what developer experience means?

As I watch COVID-19 rates increasing around the country this seems appropriate.

A few days in with fiber internet and am very happy with it. Download speeds are about the same, but upload speeds are much much much better. In addition I don’t have little connection losses the way I did before. Just sent my cable cancellation request. Feels great.

PS5 industrial design is pretty fresh. I prefer the next Xbox’s monolith look, but I like seeing people try new things. The design of the PS5 controllers is awesome.

I’m sure the article is interesting but I can’t stop looking at the illustrations long enough to read it. Just stunning.

Happy that my wife is out marching against systemic racism and police brutality with other physicians and healthcare workers in Seattle today. Let’s keep this wave rolling. Seems appropriate on the anniversary of D-Day when Americans stormed the beaches against fascism.

I keep hearing rumors about over-ear Airpods coming at some point from Apple. I would love that if they don’t hurt my ears because of my glasses. At this point I’m switching between over-ear headphones and AirPods every video conference. Trading inner ear ache for outer ear ache.

Toast with Peanut Butter 👍
Toast with Butter + Peanut Butter 🥳🎉

The AirPods Pro are pretty great. Transparency mode and noise cancellation are awesome. The biggest issue I’m having is finding the right in-ear headphone fit.

My son, the conqueror, surveying his domain.

Hail the Conquering Hero