Re: building features with AI. I feel like being cautious with generative, sometimes hallucinatory, AI in customer facing applications is wise. That’s why Smart Resumes are designed as an assistant that uses smart suggestions to help you pick, but allows you to override and select the best experience if you disagree. You’re always in the driver’s seat.

Smart Resume Walkthrough

There’s also a video that explains and demonstrates Smart Resumes. This was a lot of fun to put together. It’s good to flex old motion design and video production muscles.

Today the first Career Minder AI backed feature launched, Smart Resumes. Here’s what it does: builds a resume for by matching what from your work experience is most relevant to a job description. This way, you can have tailored resumes for every job you apply to. Here’s a blog post explaining the feature.

CSS is so good these days. Just figured out that you can use media queries to detect whether a PWA is running in standalone mode and act accordingly without resorting to JS. We have it so good compared to what it was even a few years ago.

First MTB ride of the season. Ended in bruised rib & thigh, scraped cheek, ear, and neck, bloody knee, and splinted wrist. So it goes. Can’t wait to go again.

Nothing focuses the mind like live bugs in production.

Dune 2 is looking very nice… very nice indeed…

This has been a long time coming. I’ll probably write up more on the background and process for building it at some time soon. In the meantime, you can also see Career Minder on Product Hunt.

Career Minder is launched! I’ve been working on this for a while. Super excited for people to check it out. Check it out!

I hear a lot of Siri wishlists that are mainly LLM integration. Here’s my wishlist:

  1. Let me change the wake word from Siri to something else. With a Sierra and Sadie in the house, the ratio of accidental triggering to legit triggering has got to be 99:1.
  2. Nothing else

I’ve wanted this before and it will be my only request until it happens.

Here’s something I don’t feel weird about when it comes to generative AI: making mock user data when designing. Basically replacing Lorem Ipsum. I love it.

I enjoy baking, but there are vegans in the house. Here’s my tip. Don’t try to look up vegan baking recipes. Just use regular recipes with the following substitutions; flax eggs for eggs, Earth Balance sticks for butter, and Enjoy Life brand for chocolate. That won’t cover everything, but it will go a long way.

Dan Wang’s annual letters from China are always a treat, and 2022 does not disappoint. Such great insights at a time when tensions are only increasing.

Raccoon Dog: Finally, my time has come, as I knew it would. Surely the people want to know about me because of my greatness and the silkiness of my fur.

DALL E 2023 Raccoon Dog

Who else has been reading the wikipedia entry on Raccoon Dog and learning about the controversy of whether a Japanese Raccoon Dog is actually related to the classic Raccoon Dog?

Andor was so good that I wasn’t sure how I would feel going back to the Mandalorian. 3 episodes into the new season and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s got its own feeling and it’s pushing ahead.

Microsoft made their AI/MSOffice announcement today. It doesn’t change my mind about what I wrote yesterday. They said several times something like, “and of course you wouldn’t send this to a client/colleague without reviewing it carefully.” I think the of course in my paraphrase is making some very optimistic assumptions.

The Banshees of Inisherin is pretty great. I’m not sure who to recommend it to, but I liked it a lot.

What a beautiful place to live.

Puget Sound