The Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler in B.C. is probably the most beautiful drive I’ve ever done.

Is there anything better than chicken enchiladas with mole poblano? It’s my ultimate comfort food. My cousin made them for our whole family on my birthday last Saturday and there’s enough mole left to freeze and use for weeks to come. I’m very happy about this situation.

Cybertruck design is polarizing. Not my taste, but I’m excited to see cars of the future not looking like boring cars of today (Model S and Model 3 fall into the boring category IMO). It’s moves like this that move visual culture forward.

Bike is in the shop for some tune-ups, repairs, and upgrades. I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to start bike commuting again soon.

Prototyping in Figma is such a breath of fresh air.

Mr Keith is not wrong. Seeing what things break when running an ad blocker shows how brittle we’re making the web with 3rd party Javascript.

Implementing dark mode on my site was pretty straight forward. Gonna sit with it for a couple days before refining it. Thinking about using variable fonts next.

Great rollout of a new look for The Atlantic. Too bad its beautiful new homepage is so marred by overbearing ads.

The Mandalorian is real good y’all.

Recently rewrote Mind Vault’s passage parser in Swift on Swift Playgrounds for iPad. I enjoy this view of the future.

Loved my MBA, but I must have missed the accounting class that teaches how to build a drum machine in Excel.

It’s hard to disagree with Scorsese’s concerns. The movies I want to see in theaters this fall probably fall into his categories like this:

  • Audiovisual Entertainment: Star Wars
  • Cinema: A Hidden Life
  • A mix: Jo-Jo Rabbit

Excited to be starting my new job at MoxiWorks tomorrow. Time to plan my bus routes.

With a Sierra and a Sadie in my house, my number one feature request for Apple’s HomePod is to allow me to change Siri’s name. So many false positives every day.

Nice to be back in Seattle again. Looking for a place to live before we all make the journey later this month.