Had to run an errand during lunch so missed office lunch. Perfect excuse for tacos. Errand tacos.

Looks like it’s time for Design System 2.0, and there’s a project giving me an excuse to do it just in time.

BBQ day is a good day.

Visual Studio for Mac? Interesting… Microsoft is getting more surprising all the time.

Down at Refresh Austin watching Manton talk about indie microblogging.

Wrote about Autonomous Vehicles.

I’d say the 1st birthday cupcake smashing was a success.

Third child’s first birthday tonight. I’m excited for some cupcake smashing.

Reign of the Pharaohs: 3000 years
Han Dynasty: 400 years
Western Roman Empire: 500 years
Catholic Church: 2000+ years
Twitter – 10,000 years?

Needing to use an old Illustrator file instead of Sketch for a few days. *Shudder*

Monk. Great TV show or the greatest TV show?

It’s fun seeing new folks showing up on Micro.blog. Welcome!

Super excited about Day One’s new book printing feature. Not having to do this manually is such a big deal for me.

Tried JuiceLand on the way into work today. Maybe my first green colored juice, but I liked it.

Getting to play around with Principle at work these days. It’s pretty fun.

Happy Easter. Buen pascua.

Apple’s new Clips app is pretty nice. Quick and easy. I’m excited to see more folks tell short stories.

Just read Ethan Marcotte’s The Bricks We Lay. Could not agree more. Will probably write more about it soon.

Designing a chat bot, chatty chatty chat bot.

After congress’ vote yesterday I’m on VPN all the time. Elections in 2018 aren’t that far away, prepare for the whirlwind.