Just a minute while I find my tiniest violin for web advertisers. Must be around here somewhere, maybe under my notebooks.

Pollo a la brasa for lunch at work today :) Fried Yuca :) Fried Yuca instead of Fries :(

Studying for a test these days and when I ask my wife, who minored in math, for help with some math stuff. Her response after looking it over, “Don’t know what this is, but it’s not math.” :/

Sunset and sunrise are some of my favorite things in Texas.

Sunset In Texas 2017-09-12

iPhone X looks pretty sweet! Excited to see it in person.

Wrote this about 9/11 a couple years ago. It’s still how I feel.

When in doubt, make pizza.

Adjusting my JSON Feed.

Had Bucca di Beppo catered for lunch at work. Are there any more carbs? If you can’t find any, they’re over here.

We had the first Austin Homebrew Website Club meeting last night. Looking forward to many more.

Heard the news about SW IX director. After seeing how Disney handled Rogue One’s director and the results I’m optimistic. They seem to be good stewards, with the humility to make changes when necessary.

I’m excited for tonight’s first Austin Homebrew Website Club. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

Miss Toddler loves Labor Day.

Labor Day 2017-09-05

Had a tasty lunch at Dahlia’s today. BLT and bread pudding.

I wrote about Bread Pudding.

Watched Wonder Woman last night. Amazing movie, the most sincere/earnest superhero movie I’ve seen, and definitely one of the best. Can’t wait until my daughter grows a bit and is not scared of monsters in movies to show her. My son too, for that matter.

The arches and tile at the Blanton Museum of Art are stunning.

Blanton Museum of Art: Hall & Arches 2017-08-30

What are you laughing at?

Blanton Museum of Art: Laughing Monkey 2017-08-30

The skylights at the Blanton Museum of Art are amazing.

Blanton Museum of Art: Skylights 2017-08-30

Recently switched from Amazon Cloud Drive to Backblaze B2 for my backups. It seems that unlimited storage has proven to be a short term customer acquisition strategy for anyone who’s tried it, so I’d rather just switch to paying for a cheap per/GB service.