Zarrin is a school teacher who fled Afghanistan after receiving death threats from the Taliban.

Their Story is Our Story: Zarrin

Replaced all the home office lights with LED bulbs. The brightness consumes me in its low-energy glory.

I’m surprised by how much I enjoy designing documentation.

The new Their Story is Our Story website has launched. I wrote about why I helped put it together.

Thanks Obama

I realize many are nostalgic about Obama because the Cheeto takes power next week, but what the heck?

I wrote about the state of home automation. New Home: The Smartening

I just read the documents. Uh… holy cow.

This seems like a big deal, but what could the Russians have over Trump that he hasn’t already flaunted openly? We’re beyond shame at this point.

If anyone is worried about the “singularity”, you can come rescue my robot vacuum as it gets stuck 20 times a night.

Listening to the Star Wars Rebels soundtrack. The last track reminds me what an amazing finale Season 2 had. An emotional stunner, Empire Strikes Back level ending.

This little box has been a long time coming. This month the box, next month, some hard drives.

The inessential style guide team makes an important decision, Agent of Russia.

Went to work today and found the office closed because of New Years. Now my day is all errands.

Manton Reece has launched his Independent Microblogging Kickstarter. I wrote about why it’s important.

The Christmas Invitation

I'm preparing for a Christmas cookie baking marathon.


Looking at Brand New’s most notable identities list for this year, and I must say the new Premier League logo is fantastic. Far and away my favorite of their list.