The effects of Daylight Savings have not faded. Where did the morning go?

I’m really enjoying cycling and feel like I’m getting stronger, but I think I need to take some more pictures on my rides.

My 2 oldest are off for spring break, which means anarchy. Pure anarchy!

My two older kids are starting youth soccer, or, as my Dad used to call it, swarm ball.

The Star Wars Rebels finale was amazing. What a great show. I’m sad to see it go and excited to see what comes next.

Had a great weekend riding with TCT in Marfa, TX.

Marfa Training Camp, March 2018

It’s been about a week since I somewhat accidentally stopped checking Twitter, although I still crosspost there, and life is… quieter and less stressful.

This is what real competition breeds in software. Prototyping in Sketch! Woohoo!

Had my first cycling mid-ride mechanical failure tonight. I’m just relieved it has nothing to do with the new stem I put on today.

I wrote about how the refugee crisis is a test of our hearts on the Their Story is Our Story blog.

How you can tell that there’s no going back from cycling? When your riding clothes are nicer than anything else you ever wear.

It’s been a couple months, but I wrote my thoughts about The Last Jedi.

Frank Chimero has done it again. What a fantastic writer. His thoughts about modern web design/development are pitch perfect.

I do love watching alpine skiing.

Been using Google Flights to plan for first school trip to Madrid, and got an email alerting me to flights at about half the price of normal last night. :)

First night on the bike trainer last night. Felt great, plus I caught up on Star Trek. :)

Every once in a while the difference between a design and the implemented front-end that should have resulted make me hang my head.

Went to get a better seat for my bike. Apparently measuring sit bones is a thing that people do.

Finally read The Innovator’s Dilemma and wrote a couple thoughts about it.

Had my first group ride last night. 13.1 miles. It was a lot of fun. Now it’s time to not move very much and recover.