The Verge is helping you skip the line for the Opal C-1 webcam. I know that continuity camera will allow you to use your iPhone as a webcam soon, but I’m in calls enough that continually using my phone as a webcam seems like a pain (I don’t keep old iPhones). The C-1 is great and I’m happy with it so far.

Stranger Things Season 4 is good. I will not be taking any questions.

After making today’s lunch sandwich with caramelized onions, I don’t think I’ll be able to make myself eat one in the future without them.

Playing around in After Effects again after a long time away from it. It’s probably my favorite Adobe app. So good.

Top Gun: Maverick is fantastic! Just top notch summer blockbuster entertainment.

This is your regular reminder that CSS is good. You should learn and like it.

I have enjoyed Severance more than any other show in recent memory. And the competition is stiff right now.

Now that I’ve watched all The Expanse I started reading the books and just finished Leviathan Wakes. It’s so good. Wife is two books ahead of me.

Hearing about employers asking for unpaid 10hr coding challenges from engineering candidates. In this job market? Good luck finding someone with self respect.

I wonder how theaters and movie studios think 30+ minutes of ads and trailers will encourage us to go back to theaters? The popcorn ain’t that good, especially if it comes with a side of COVID.

The final season of the Expanse is coming soon 🥲 Time to get caught up in preparation if you haven’t already.

Dune was amazing! I’m amazed at how closely it stuck to the book and the tweaks it did make seemed appropriate. It was beautifully shot and the music was incredible. The production design is next level. Definitely going to watch it again.

A YouTube embed on my blog didn’t render correctly due to my Javascript aspect ratio function not working for some reason. So I waded through the mire of modern JS package management to delete the function and replace it with the new CSS aspect-ratio. It works. CSS is really good now.

It’s been a rough couple years so I’m using the power vested in me as the household baker to grant pre-emptive pardons for all early Christmas Cookie baking. Let the jubilee begin.

Got a high ankle sprain earlier this week and have been on crutches.

Ordered my Playdate this morning. Very excited to see it in person. Looks amazing.

Disappointing, if not surprising, news re: Toyota’s anti-electric vehicle lobbying. In our most recent move we purchased a home/property with a lot of heavier duty projects and decided we needed a truck. We bought a Toyota Tacoma and love it, but a couple months ago I put a deposit down for a F-150 Lightning and may go through with the purchase. When your business plan is to lobby against the future because you made the wrong bet, it may be time to revisit your strategy.