My son, the conqueror, surveying his domain.

Hail the Conquering Hero

Had a great afternoon at Deception Pass with the family on Friday.

Deception Pass

Started rewatching Monk with my wife. It’s the perfect quarantine detective show. The Fraidy Cop episode truly is an inspiration.

Oh upload speed, oh upload speed, how pathetic is thy progress.

Trying the Star Wars machete order with the family, but we keep stalling trying to watch the prequels. It’s such a chore to get through them.

This great video on the history of Polaroid reminds me of a paper I wrote on the subject for business school.

Considering a cookie jar for my desk. Good idea or terrible mistake?

Almost all cooking and baking at my house for years has been vegetarian, and for the last 6 months or so it’s almost all vegan. In baking I’ve found good substitutes for eggs and butter. Cheese, on the other hand, is still rough going, despite Miyokos being great.

The affordances of physical books always surprise me with how well my mind can map them when I compare it to attempting to recall the specifics of something I read in an ebook.

Roblox has given me a new parenting opportunity: explaining internet scams to children.

Sourdough. I’m in too deep.

The Clone Wars finale was amazing. I’d rather forget The Rise of Skywalker (easy to do), but between The Mandalorian and Clone Wars, it’s still a very good year to be a Star Wars fan.

Some recent entertainment thoughts

  • The last few episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars have been amazing! Dave Filoni should run everything Star Wars.
  • 1917 is intense and beautiful. Roger Deakins’ work is something to behold.
  • Tigertail is heartbreaking, but I really liked it.

Everyone working from home should be a shot in the arm for ISPs who provide fiber service. I can’t wait for it to become available in my neighborhood someday so that I can kick cable and its abysmal upload speeds to the curb.

My Magic Keyboard arrived tonight. Spent time designing in Figma in the browser on the iPad. It’s so close to parity with the desktop now. Just little things to adjust and it will be there. Super excited.

Hell is being the family IT resource during 2020, the year of sudden homeschooling.

This post has been passed around a lot, for good reason. I recommend it.

One of the most clarifying things about the Coronavirus is the live demonstration of where power really lies. Ben Thompson’s take is interesting as always.

Rewriting Goblet of Fire today. “Durmstrang Forever! This is for you Hermionini!” Crumb cried to the sky as Cedric breathed his last under the crushing foot of the Hungarian Horntail.

Goblet of Fire legos