I remember when I was growing up I felt like my dad controlling the car radio was intentionally trying to torment me. Now that I’m in his seat, I realize I was totally right. 😈

Love Big Sur in general, but notifications used to be clunky yet often useful. Now they are clunky and rarely useful.

What does it say about me that one of the most baffling things about the government’s COVID response is that the CDC vaccine record cards aren’t wallet sized?

I got the 2nd Moderna shot over the weekend. That’s the one you hear a lot of scary side effect anecdotes about. Well here’s another anecdote to balance the scary ones out. I had a sore shoulder and a sleepy Sunday followed by immense relief.

Nomadland is a beautiful, moving, gut punch of a movie.

Hard to imagine being more disappointed by Biden’s decision to keep America’s refugee cap at the inhumane level Trump set. Political expediency at the cost of our humanity is a sign of weakness and fear.

Trying out Along. Pretty fun so far.

Pascua has arrived again. Glorious morning that will one day put an end to mourning.

Having a rough day? Allow me to presume to suggest Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Marzipan.

How many chickens are a good start for first time chicken raisers? I hope the answer is 6, because there are 6 chickens in my living room.

Stages of not shipping something:

  1. I’m gonna keep it simple and focus on one needed feature update.
  2. Ooh look SwiftUI
  3. Why is it hard to get Core Data working with this? It was working before
  4. Abandon effort for 3 months
  5. Just do the feature the way you would’ve done it years ago.
  6. iTunes Connect…

Proud of my town, its business and government leaders, and its people. Nevertheless, it makes me deeply sad to see how it could have been different across the nation.

Minari was fantastic! Great story about immigration, culture, family, with a little bit of faith thrown in.

The new Ioniq 5 looks awesome!

What do people need? Speaking for myself, time outside and a bike ride to clear the mind.

First night on an M1 Mac and wondering where I’ll see the performance improvements. Yarn Start on a modern Javascript tangle (a.k.a. website) was crazy fast.

Container queries going into the CSS spect is cool and all, but when will I be able to put emojis in URLs? The web, mostly me, wants to know.

My favorite part about Clubhouse is how it makes you feel sad and rejected when you’re not invited and you don’t even know what people do in there. Just like the real clubhouses of our childhoods.</sarcasm>

The Expanse finale was fantastic. This show is such a pleasure to watch. Sierra and I hold our breath for pretty much the entirety of every episode.

The Dig on Netflix was really good. A visual feast with lots of feels.