Ben & Jerry’s announced dairy free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. They’re fulfilling a dream I didn’t know I had, but when will it arrive in stores?!

Really loving the latest Day One release for Mac. Feels much more native to the Mac and all the labels are readable again.

New baby week.

Photo 2019 02 10 23 01

Netflix Feature Request: Alternate film/series edits based on my preferences. I’m not a cliffhanger guy, don’t show me cliffhangers. Watching this movie as a family. I would like a PG version please.

About to board a flight for Shanghai. My first trip to China, or anywhere in Asia.

Upgraded my site to Craft 3 recently. Pretty happy with it so far. Very familiar, snappy, and the plugin process is easier.

I wrote this last Christmas time. It still describes my feelings as my family commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Launched a redesign of my website over the weekend. Still some rough edges to tighten up, but I’m overall happy with it. Now includes an about page.

Listening to the Harry Potter books with the kids again and I’m reminded that Dolores Umbridge may be a scarier villain than He Who Must Not Be Named.

It wasn’t until this year that I learned the instant benefit of exercise for increased energy and focus. At this point I’d rather ride my bike for two hours and study for one, because I’ll probably get as much or more done in that one as I would’ve gotten without exercise in three.

Had a great time at Laguna Gloria last weekend.

Family at Laguna Gloria

Just got the Google Chrome Warn Before Quitting thing where it wouldn’t let me quit without a nannying incantation. Trying to remember a more user hostile feature I’ve seen recently, but coming up blank.

The Economist’s new design (print edition) is really nice. The wider columns feel so luxurious.

Stovetop is the true hot cocoa method. However a good mix (Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate is great), a little bit of cinnamon, microwaved almond milk, and an immersion blender do the trick too.

Possibly unpopular design opinion: Icon fonts are terrible and I wish they had never been made.