Saw Ant-Man and the Wasp yesterday. I loved it. It’s exactly what I want in a super hero movie. Funny, fun, with lovable characters. Pretty much the opposite of Infinity War. I vote for all Marvel movies being Ant-Man movies.

I met Asad and heard his story in person last October in France. I looked at him and saw myself, except I knew I would be seeing my own children in a matter of days. I hope the same thing happens for him someday soon.

Glad I got a ride in early this morning before the rain.

Tickets are purchased, rental car is reserved. Looking forward to SLC in August!

Went out for an evening solo ride tonight. It was fun, although, despite sticking to country roads without traffic, it’s a bit nerve-racking to ride alone after dark. It’s ingrained deep to look for predators behind every bush.

Vegan fettuccini alfredo was a success.

Are Chicken Mole Enchiladas the greatest lunch on a warmer summer day? Yes, yes they are.

There’s something fun about drawing maps of fake places. Who’s going to correct you?

When cycling in Texas, always rest in the shade.

In the Shade

Taco Tuesday should also be known as involuntary afternoon nap Tuesday.

Feels good to start Saturdays with a bike ride and granola.

Scraped up my arm when I fell down the stairs last night before heading out for a bike ride. Any ideas for a better story? Ninjas, muggers?

Solo is great! Lots of fun, quick pace, and great characters.

Broke my first spoke yesterday. I thought that wheel looked weird.

Watched Black Panther for the first time tonight. Amazing. Wakanda Forever!

Built and Ran in Xcode for the first time in a long time. Feels good.

I’ve discovered a new design methodology, Design by Slack Poll (trademark pending). Who wants to pay me for a book and consulting?

Contacts Day 5: It only took me 5 minutes to get my contacts in. 2 hours later: I realize nope, totally didn’t get the right one in and everything is fuzzy.