I’ve been making cookies a long time, but I let the sugar and butter cream in the stand mixer for like 10 minutes for the first time this week and it’s like I’m on another plane of existence. Spread the good news folks.

I’ll say it again, turning parents into IT support is by far the most stressful part of remote schooling for younger kids.

Heads up for bloggers. Every time I see a truncated article that needs me to login on Medium I close the tab. Medium is its own thing, but it’s not a blog.

You can tell I’m officially a coastal elite now. I bring the food of my people whenever I travel inland.

Peruvian breakfast

Dune looks amazing! I can’t wait for it.

Feeling strongly tempted away from Sony full frame to Fujifilm. I love my X-100T and the X-T4 looks great.

The most recent Talk Show is really good. I’ve been pretty frustrated lately regarding App Store controversies (mostly frustrated with App Store defenders), but I loved this episode’s focus on developer community and the wonderings about what an open-web equivalent for mobile development could look like.

Muse looks pretty awesome! Could be a great research/brainstorming tool

When people ask me what it’s like to design software I think I’ll respond that some days it’s like emptying shelves and then putting stuff back in them in a way that fits. Hopefully you can get rid of some of the stuff, but somebody else might be attached to it, so you’ve got to fit it somehow.

Just rewatched early 2000s Pride & Prejudice. Still great, but it reminds me that the recent Emma release is fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, give it a go.

What a lovely video.

I like the Cybertruck’s audacity, but I agree with Neven.

First Cow was beautiful. So simple, deliberate, and human. It also portrays diversity in the west that is shocking because it is so clearly representative of what it actually was, but not at all what media portrayals tend to show.

Just voted in the Washington state primaries by mail, as everyone here does, and turns out nobody stole my ballot or waited by the mailbox with a shredder. Feels pretty safe and secure.

I recently watched A Hidden Life. It’s a film full of wondrous beauty and heart-wrenching questions. It is particularly timely and serves as a direct response to Martin Scorsese’s Silence, which was also great. The movie will leave you wondering what you would do, it certainly did for me. It may also lead you to ask what you are doing now.

Robin Rendle keeps hitting it out of the park on his blog. I love this piece about iterating in product design.