Put a kettle bell next to my desk to use during breaks. Not sure if it’s genius or not.

SLC friends, Banburry Cross is still open. You just have to call an order ahead or go through the drive through.

Banburry Cross Chocolate Raised

Added an audio player for blog posts. First example here. I’m hoping to make more use of it if you’d rather listen to my writing than read it. Next step is a podcast feed.

Consumer internet service appears to not have been built assuming everyone would actually use it.

Probably wishful thinking, but what if cursor support is part of a plan to use iPads as ARM dev hardware after a processor transition announcement at WWWDC?

The new Magic Keyboard supports the previous generation iPad Pro. That is unexpected and very nice! I’ll probably stick with my current iPad and buy the new keyboard in May. It’s my favorite computer.

With the full-featured trackpad/cursor support coming to iPad soon, I’m really curious what Figma can do to be a little more usable on the iPad. It’d be really nice to knock design off the list of things I still can’t quite do on iPad.

Was this close to ordering the new iPad Pro, then I realized the cool new keyboard doesn’t ship until May. I guess I can hold off until then.

My secret iOS wish: with schools cancelled and many people working from home, Apple engineers realize that Screen Time is broken and fix it.

Well this looks delightful.

WFH Lunch: Vegan Nachos

Vegan Nachos

Had a great quick gravel ride this morning.

Gravel ride

I’m just blowing my nose because there were spicy peppers on my sandwich. It was just the spicy peppers, you’ve got to believe me.

I’m going to purchase my first typeface license in years. Why? Downloadable font trials. Why wasn’t it always this way and why don’t all foundries offer them? *I know why, I just love trials*

Took the bus to work this morning in Seattle. COVID-19 is keeping everyone home. Emptiest I’ve ever seen it, ironically probably the safest transit ride health-wise in months.