Had a great quick gravel ride this morning.

Gravel ride

I’m just blowing my nose because there were spicy peppers on my sandwich. It was just the spicy peppers, you’ve got to believe me.

I’m going to purchase my first typeface license in years. Why? Downloadable font trials. Why wasn’t it always this way and why don’t all foundries offer them? *I know why, I just love trials*

Took the bus to work this morning in Seattle. COVID-19 is keeping everyone home. Emptiest I’ve ever seen it, ironically probably the safest transit ride health-wise in months.

Some new bike parts are on the way. Always exciting!

Explored some of the gravel riding available within a couple miles of my house. Loved it. Gonna be a regular thing for sure.

Whenever I see a news article outraged about tech industry privacy abuses my favorite game to play is to see how many trackers that news article’s website tried to use on me. I love that people are paying attention to this, just wish news orgs would hold up a mirror.

My new favorite way to look at the news is CNN’s lite version. Love the idea of a super stripped down version for a lot of websites. Loads fast, no-nonsense.

Was not expecting this mash up, but I’ll definitely be watching. I’m not much of a gamer anymore, but gaming focused products have a way of improving life for the rest of us computer users.

You don’t realize how nice NetNewsWire’s arrow key navigation is until you try to do it in other apps and nothing happens.

I love that so many people in Seattle ride bikes. One benefit is that there are little bike repair shops that can fix things for you in an hour or two so you can get back on your way for the ride home.

Had a great President’s Day hike with the family.

Family Hike

Wonderful to see migration while waiting for the bus this morning.


When the dog insists on joining an outing without knowing beforehand it was a bike ride.

Riding With Finn

I thought that Alibaba was just Amazon for China, but I recently realized you can use it to find manufacturers for anything. My mind is blown, it’s like I’ve seen inside the Matrix.

I’ve heard the 80:20 rule used enough ways now that I’m pretty sure it means whatever you want it to mean.

The new X100V looks amazing. My X100T is my favorite walk-around camera, and the new one (2 generations newer) seems like a great move forward.