The Mandalorian is real good y’all.

Recently rewrote Mind Vault’s passage parser in Swift on Swift Playgrounds for iPad. I enjoy this view of the future.

Loved my MBA, but I must have missed the accounting class that teaches how to build a drum machine in Excel.

It’s hard to disagree with Scorsese’s concerns. The movies I want to see in theaters this fall probably fall into his categories like this:

  • Audiovisual Entertainment: Star Wars
  • Cinema: A Hidden Life
  • A mix: Jo-Jo Rabbit

Excited to be starting my new job at MoxiWorks tomorrow. Time to plan my bus routes.

With a Sierra and a Sadie in my house, my number one feature request for Apple’s HomePod is to allow me to change Siri’s name. So many false positives every day.

Nice to be back in Seattle again. Looking for a place to live before we all make the journey later this month.

I’m finding more and more useful things to do with spreadsheets these days.

What can an MBA mean for a designer? I wrote about my experience.

For the last 15 months, most of my non-work/family efforts have gone into completing my MBA. The effect on my blogging has been obvious. Well, I’ve graduated and have lots of pent up ideas that I’m hoping to publish in the next couple weeks. Feels good.

We finished the last group presentation of the MBA this morning. I am become PowerPoint, destroyer of worlds.

Just boarded a flight to Madrid in Atlanta. There was a facial recognition camera for my passport and boarding pass check. Convenient, but I recently did the same thing at customs going into China. Didn’t feel very comfortable about it Shanghai, don’t feel great about it here.

Our home in Texas is under contract and my family and I will be moving back to Seattle in August. Looking forward to a new adventure. On a related note, if anybody up that way wants to hire a recent MBA grad with 10+ years of design experience, let me know 😉

New Spider-Man is fantastic! Very very happy with it, especially after my consistently least favorite Marvel movies (the Avengers ones).

One thing I thought would have improved since my childhood is the longevity of rechargeable AA batteries. It has not.

Catalyst (formerly Marzipan) had me thinking of getting back into app development, but SwiftUI might have sealed the deal. It looks awesome, perfect time to jump in.