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I keep a personal journal with the help of Day One, my favorite set of apps. The convenience of a digital journal simply cannot be beat when it comes to consistent diary keeping. But there is a problem. Formats and software, no matter how great, have had a relatively short shelf life. My daily record seems important enough to not risk losing 10 years from now when the digital landscape is unrecognizable to our current perspective.

I realized that I needed to create a physical archive of my digital journal after watching this thought provoking video from Jeremy Keith:

Luckily Day One has a great text export feature (as well as a new PDF export feature). Once it was exported I designed the book and had it printed at Blurb. The initial book holds my journal from 2008–2012 and hopefully I will be able to print new books annually so that there is always a physical copy of my journal to reference, as well as children when I’m gone.

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