Declarative Design

Jon Gold details the development of a tool he’s built for creating many iterations on designs. I really love the potential of this type of thinking. There are a lot of tedious aspects design, as with any job, but one of the most annoying has got to be making minute adjustments and variations of the same element in order to arrive at the “best” approach, or the approach that most suits your creative director. René, Gold’s prototype design tool, is a very impressive starting point to quickly creating these iterative adjustments on single design elements.

I hope that the teams building other design tools sit up and pay attention. I can imagine a single Sketch artboard with an interface’s base layout where a single content module can be switched between several different iterations or options, without the hastle of creating several new artboards. Today is a great time for a designer, where tools are multiplying and serving our needs more than they have previously.

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