Building Mind Vault 2.0

Recently I released a major update for Mind Vault, which is funny to say, considering there are only 2 things that users will notice. The first is an updated design, reflecting the current state of iOS 7, and the second is options for sharing what you are memorizing via email, messages or social networks.

It was a major update because of all the work that went into the new design. iOS 7 arrived last summer and threw the whole iOS development community into redesign mode, myself included. The design of Mind Vault has been greatly simplified to focus around what a user is actually working on, the passage they are trying to memorize. The design was actually fairly quick, but implementing it with the latest frameworks and technology took more time.

The Future

Apple really opened up the floodgates with iOS 8 this year. The new developer tools create a lot of opportunities that did not exist before and I do have plans to implement some new features that take advantage of them. It’s going to be a busy few months.

In the meantime, check out Mind Vault 2.0 on the App Store.

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