School in the Time of Coronavirus

Like many in the Seattle area, my regular routine has been interrupted by the spread of Coronavirus.

Epic Failure

Interoperability would be a huge win for healthcare providers and patients within the US.

My Own Menagerie

menagerie: … b: a collection of wild or foreign animals kept especially for exhibition

Touch Bar

For me ,the more interesting failure with the latest Apple laptops has been the Touch Bar.

Why IE

Two reasons stand above the rest

MBA for a Designer

An MBA is not typical in the career path for a designer.


This is a paper I wrote for the Strategy Implementation class in my Global MBA.

Cow Creek

I went to Balcones Wilderness Preserve west of where I live, north of Austin and took a jaunt down a road called Cattle Creek.


Life is questions, and new life is a chance to ask them all again.

A Week in Shanghai

It was a great trip. I am very happy I went. It is an optional experience in the Global MBA, but, for me, it is one of the most eye-opening weeks so far.

My Year of Cycling

About a year ago, with the encouragement of some friends, I purchased a road bike.

MBA Kickoff Week

The Last Jedi

The Innovator’s Dilemma

Off to School Again

The Death of Expertise

Tech Predictions: January, 2018

Room in the Inn

Turn Up the Volume

Refugee Trip 2017