Feinstein and Burr’s Bill

Is I mentioned when discussing the FBI’s case against Apple ending, Senators Feinstein and Burr have introduced a bill that, if passed into law, would effectively end secure encryption for American companies. The bill is widely considered by security experts to be “ludicrous, dangerous, and technically illiterate.” While exposing American citizens to more risk and privacy breaches, the bill would do nothing to keep encryption from the hands of criminals and bad actors. Encryption is widely available. It is not exclusively used by American tech companies.

Even the White House has declined to support the bill. It is the government’s job to preserve our liberty, not make law enforcement’s job easier at any cost. Constitutionally, law enforcement is supposed to be difficult because it prevents widespread abuse. What this bill seems to be saying is, “Better to let a thousand innocent people’s privacy and security be compromised than to let one guilty man go free.”

Let your representatives know how you feel, especially if you are in California. Senator Feinstein’s contact avenues don’t listen to you if you’re not from her own state.

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