Espresso 2 Cometh!

Last week I opened Twitter to some very welcome news. MacRabbit’s HTML Editor Espresso was being updated. I previously wrote about my experience with the first version of Espresso. And not only that a public beta of it’s version 2 software was being released. Having downloaded it and worked regularly with it I can say how satisfying it is to see the new verison coming along.

My favorite new feature is a complete integration with CSSEdit, their standalone style editor. The nice thing, in theory, about having a standalone editor was that you could approach CSS as a separate task from the markup in a focused dedicated interface. The problem occurs where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It became quickly apparent that I almost always work with a combination of markup and styling and the two tasks cannot be separated easily, and constant app switching commenced. Although it has taken some adjustment it is wonderful to have everything in one application now.

This is beta software so there are bugs and funny issues that occasionally crop up, but it’s stable enough that I can use it primarily for my front end work. Keep your eyes out for the final release of Espresso and give it a shot.

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