Adobe Muse

Adobe recently announced a public beta of it’s latest offering for web designers, Muse. After trying it out I have a some thoughts, most of which are similar to Elliot Jay Stocks. Here are my issues:

  1. Muse runs on Adobe Air. That’s a dealbreaker.
  2. Let’s just say the code it outputs is not very clean.
  3. How will this work with a CMS? The answer is that you will still need a developer to take anything made in Muse and make it work with a CMS in order to have a dynamic website.
  4. It feels like iWeb Plus.
  5. Tells designers that they do not need to understand how the web works. It is a detriment to a designer to not understand their medium.
  6. Hides the fact that not all browsers will render websites identically. Why not leverage Adobe’s helpful BrowserLab?
  7. It can’t be responsive. Everything is based upon fixed width layouts. This is not where the web is going.
  8. Will likely lead to websites that are very image heavy and a burden on bandwidth. Understanding CSS allows the designer to leverage styling instead of dozens of heavy images.

It is not too much to expect designers to learn HTML & CSS, these are the tools of our craft. Why hide them? This app seems perfect for one thing, restaurant websites. It’s the new Flash.

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