Action Plan

I have what is approaching an action plan for how I can help with this refugee/constitutional crisis:

Contact my representatives

I live in Texas and I believe all my representatives are Republicans so I think it’s essential that they hear from me. I plan on scheduling times to call. In addition I’ve written the following letter that I plan on sending.

Dear ___,

I am very concerned with President Trump’s recent Executive Order forbidding entry to the United States to people coming from 7 Middle Eastern Muslim nations. This is very thinly veiled religious persecution towards people fleeing from war and social upheaval. Those who apply for refugee status already undergo thorough security screenings and are no threat to American citizens. President Trump is misrepresenting, and often outright lying about, the threat that immigrants and refugees pose to our security. The order is un-American and undercuts our deepest values.

History will not look kindly on those who turned their back on sufferers in order to follow Trump’s autocratic whims and I will not forgot which side you took in your next election. I, and many other Americans, are counting on Republican representatives to do what is right instead of bowing to a President who deserves no benefit of the doubt. As horrific as this Executive Order is, it is indicative of other moves that Trump is making to eliminate any check on his power. Some security officials are already choosing to obey the President in the face of legitimate opposing court orders. An attack against one branch of government is an attack on the rule of law. It is up to you to guarantee that the Legislative Branch serves as a real check to the Executive Branch. By ignoring this duty you weaken the Constitution which has protected us from despots throughout our history.

Although sold as a necessity for our security I cannot think of a better recruiting tool for ISIS and Al Qaeda than pointing young, desperate men to the cruelty of these Executive Orders that likely effects people they know. It will cement hatred of America in a whole new generation if it is not reversed, increasing hostility towards our nation for decades to come. Move to undue this unlawful and cruel show of power. We are counting on you to do what’s right.


Noah Read


There are lots of refugee and civil rights organizations that would be worthy recipients. I just need to figure out which would be most effective in the present crisis.

Their Story is Our Story

I work with an organization called Their Story is Our Story, where you can see refugees telling their own stories, and will continue my efforts there. In addition to my web development work there, I will regularly be sharing refugee stories on social media.

This is my current action plan. Yours may be different, but if you care about this issue then it’s time to act.

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