Welcome to My Updated Site

Welcome to my updated website! It’s been several months in the making. In fact, it would be several more months in the making but I had to make a deadline for myself in order to make sure it came out soon enough. The main impetus for this latest realignment is the fact that my old website was really two websites: a blog running on Wordpress and my work page serving static files. I’ve rolled both these sites into the same CMS, Wordpress, so that it would be easier to upload new work, and administer everything from the main backend. There are still rough edges, weird formatting in older posts and javascript conflicts with some plugins I would like to use, most of which I will be smoothing over in the coming weeks. I have also designed the site to be responsive, so I will be uploading media queries for a variety of screen sizes as I finish them. Once things are a little more nailed down I will write about the process. Let me know what you think! I’m glad you stopped by.