The Way Station

Today I am launching a new podcast called The Way Station. It is an interview podcast with people who are following their own career path. I am pretty excited about it and hope that people like it. Check out the website and give a listen to the first guest, Amber Hooper.

The idea for The Way Station has been percolating for the last few months and I am very happy to see it finally available for everyone to hear. I am a huge podcast fan, especially podcasts, and spend most of my work time listening to them in the background. As I listened to great interviews with interesting people, mostly in the tech world, I realized I know some people with some great career stories that would resonate with others. So far I have interviewed an industrial designer, landscape photographer and iOS developer and will be recording more in the weeks to come. I think having a good mix of interests and careers represented is important. No matter what your particular focus, listening to people in other fields can helps me relate to my own in new ways. I think others would say the same thing. So take a listen, subscribe and, if you like it, tell some friends.

Podcast Interview