Simmering & Cooking

I have a persistent dream that seems to sneak to the front of my mind on occasion. I want to make a cookbook. I’m no expert at cooking, but I do enjoy it. Especially when the results are sweet, a side effect of my life-long sugar tooth. Sometimes when I go to a bookstore I will stop by the cookbook section on my way to the tech or design sections and spend some time admiring the gorgeous photography. Cookbooks seem to combine the things that designers pine for, perfect photography (that you don’t have to find in stock photos) and typefaces that don’t wear suits and ties. I want to make a cookbook.

The cookbook I would make doesn’t necessarily have to live on paper, although that’s a good place to start. I imagine videos and updatable content. There are some pretty good apps for the iPad that seem to approach this. Here are two: Appetites and The Photo Cookbook. But I think that having this on the web could be even better and easier to update. I’m fairly new to the world of cooking blogs, I’ve written about one of my favorites in the past. The ideas are still percolating and I have no idea what they will lead to, but I do know that I want to make a cookbook. I’ll figure out what form it will take later.