Realignment Adjusted

I’ve been pretty happy with the latest overhaul of my site and have been working to make continuous small improvements. When I originally set out to refine my site my overall goal was tie everything together in the same CMS, Wordpress. I wrote a little bit about that in a previous post. The CMS is working out as I had hoped.

I based the overall layout on the Golden Ratio (look at the left to right column widths) and did my best to set my typographic scale to it as well. I designed the site with a responsive layout in mind and I think that that has turned out fairly well. In fact, my favorite way to look at my site is on the phone. I have a few more sizes to style for, including very large screens. I didn’t think this would be worth it but full screen browsers in Lion on larger monitors makes me think that it would be an interesting pursuit.

Since the initial launch I have opened up the leading on my type and increased margins in the article pages. These two changes have really reinforced the importance of constant iteration to me. Expect to see more of them.

There are some larger changes and fixes on the way. Look for:

  1. Better responsive video embeds.
  2. Improved bio page, or something like a page.
  3. Improved Tag layouts.
  4. and more…

Stay tuned.

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