Yesterday was a big day for me. My son turned two and got a Little Tikes car to prove it. I also started a new full time job at Mighty in the Midwest, a web design and development agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mighty is a fantastic company with a talented team and great clients. I have been working part time with Mighty for the last few months and have been impressed as I have seen how they do what they do. I feel very fortunate to take a full time position with them.

During my contract work at Mighty I have been able to help with the Downtown Market website and work extensively on a site that launched yesterday, Hand2Hand. Hand2Hand is a charity that partners schools with local churches who provide food filled backpacks for hungry children to take home over the weekends. It’s an inspiring organization with sincerely passionate people and I am proud to have been involved in their new website. You can visit the site here and learn about the great work they do.

I am looking forward to working on many more projects with the Mighty team and encourage anybody who needs a great website to get in touch.

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