![](http://s3.noahread.net/blog/009-letterpress-header.jpg#asset:589:url) Letterpress has been on the brain the lately. In class we recently toward the Hatch Show at Seattle's EMP. Their catalog of work is really impressive.  We were also able to tour and see a demonstration at Sev Shoon, in Ballard. The craftsmanship and hard work that goes into creating these pieces really impresses me. I found the video below that discusses a reprinting of the Bible in Letterpress in the tradition of Gutenberg. Arion Press' efforts are especially impressive today. Their craft is slowly being phased out for cheaper and quicker means of production. I suppose it is the natural progression of things but it is also impressive to see Letterpress practitioners at work.
So naturally seeing so much about letterpress lately I wanted to do something so for my 3D class. I used an exercise in order to make a short letterpress animation. Check it out.
Letterpress from Noah Read on Vimeo.
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