A few months ago I got some new tires for my gravel wheels and then discovered the Gravelmap website. I decided to start exploring what was available in my area, beginning with things I could reach from my home and recently going a little further afield.

On the move

I was definitely enjoying gravel riding even more than regular road cycling. Then I decided to try out a loop on forest service roads about 30 minutes east of my house. I was grinning the whole ride. There was a sense of adventure being in the woods, enjoying wide vistas and the solitude of the wilderness.

What a view

What a view!

I’ve continued riding the trails east of home, sometimes bringing my daughter along. It’s wonderful living in the Northwest where access to this kind of terrain is so close to home.

Early morning sun between Duvall and Carnation

I brought my bike along to a family trip to the coast and enjoyed riding close to the beach.

Sunrise at Westport

These last few months have been an incredible expansion of my cycling enjoyment, and I loved it before! If you’re feeling a bit cooped up, try riding some gravel.

The road ahead
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