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I recently replied to a question on Yabbly, a great website for QA and product recommendations, regarding travel tips for Peru. My tips were all food related, as that is my primary motivation most of the time. I thought I would post the same tips here and expand them in a couple points. Here are my top places to eat in the cities a traveller is most likely to hit making a trip to Peru.


  • Tanta in Miraflores, excellent contemporary takes on traditional Peruvian dishes from one of Peru’s top chefs Gastón Acurio (who also owns Papachos and Chicha, two of my other favorites below). I like the Arroz con Pollo. There are a few locations. You can find them at Larco Mar or the corner of 28 de Julio and Vasco Nuñez de Balboa
  • Pardo’s Chicken. Peruvian rotisserie chicken. Super good. They have locations all over the place.
  • Papachos in Miraflores. If you need American food they make burgers. They also have several delicious vegetarian burgers with really interesting patties. The best burger in Peru, and some of my best ever. 28 de Julio and La Paz


  • Chicha. Traditional Peruvian dishes with local flavors from the mountains. This is some of the best food I have ever eaten, hands down. I got the Lomo Saltado. It’s one block southwest of the Plaza de Armas on the Plaza Regocijo.
  • Greens Organic Restaurant. Healthier food, but still delicious. I ate the Alpaca medallions and loved it. This is just around the corner from the Plaza de Armas directly east.

Aguas Calientes (base camp for Macchu Picchu):

  • Indio Feliz. Delicious Peruvian/French fusion, run by a French expat. My parents thought this was the best food of our most recent trip. They are a big relief as most of the rest of the food at Aguas Calientes has been disappointing in my experience. They are off of Av Pachacutec. Ask around for them.


It is not as likely that a tourist would visit Ica, but it’s a city a few hours south of Lima in the desert where I lived for 6 months so I can offer a couple recommendations.

  • Huarango. More rotisserie chicken. Some of the best I’ve had in the country.
  • Helena Chocolatier. The Helena factory is in Ica and has some awesome chocolates. Get the Chocotejas with Pecans. They’re my favorite.
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