Joshua Taylor wrote a thought provoking piece that served as confirmation for what I have been thinking of doing for a while now. While I disagree with the idea that designers shouldn’t learn to code, I definitely agree that learning business principles is essential to the job. This line made me chuckle:

Maybe its going all out and getting an MBA. (All of the designers I know that have done this are actively contributing to the core of their business).

You see, I have been strongly considering applying for MBA programs. Here’s why:

  1. I want to contribute to what I dedicate so much of time to in a more meaningful way. I want to make sure the work I’m doing effects the bottom line and has real impact. More importantly, I want to be involved in the decisions behind the type of work I have done in my career so far. While being a designer is full of tactical decisions I want to be involved at the strategic level.
  2. I have spent my entire career in client services sitting across the table from people who are running businesses and organizations. I have often felt an ineffable pull to that side of the table.
  3. The traditional career path for someone in my position seems unappealing. When I think of myself 10 years from now running a design agency or toiling over layout questions I am struck with dread.

I think design is essential to any organization and want to be involved in it. However, more business centered training seems very appealing to me, because it will give me more options and allow my to apply the skills I’ve developed in more meaningful ways. A career in many ways is like a big boat, there’s momentum and mass that doesn’t allow turning on a dime. I see a long slow turn in my future.

In the meantime, I will mention that I’m open for business. Should you need design services or a website built let me know. Just don’t be surprised if I’m reading a business book on the side.

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