Premier Freight

Premier Freight approached Burch Partners and Blue Sky Sessions to create a new identity. They are a family business that has been moving freight for decades, specializing in large and oddly shaped items. I worked with Premier Freight, Burch Partners, and Blue Sky Sessions to create an identity that would modernize their brand and serve them well in their expanding business.

Premier Freight Logo: Horizontal Lockup

Premier Freight’s new identity uses a bold, simple mark. The mark and typeface (DIN Next) hearken to highway signage.

Premier Freight Logo: Vertical Lockup

The logo is also built to hold up to different usages; from the sides of trucks, to letterhead, websites, and uniforms. The logo is designed to be used in horizontal or vertical lockups. At times the mark may be used alone.

Premier Freight Logo: Mark Explorations

I pursued a variety of visual directions while developing the logo. Some iterations called to mind Premier’s unique way of packing trucks in an abstract way, others focused on their role connecting different places and people. In the end, the simplicity, timelessness, and readability of highway signage best demonstrated the Premier’s long experience and trustworthiness in the region.

Premier Freight Logo: Truck Usage

I tested the logo in a variety of expected applications to make sure the color, lockups, and mark were readable and clear in a variety of circumstances.

Premier Freight Services

In the identity design process the creative team worked together to extend the brand into the service categories that Premier offers. This also serves to show how the brand could expand moving forward.