CognitiveScale: Cortex Profile of One

Role: Senior Design @ CognitiveScale


Cortex’s Profile of One is CognitiveScale’s profile building technology. The purpose of this project was to visualize and explore the profile for customers and potential customers.

Wireframes of different visualization options

Early on, the Profile was based on a hub visualization that would not scale to handle the hundreds, and perhaps thousands of attributes that any single profile might have. In the initial wireframes I searched for ways to visualize many attributes and came to an exploratory model based on querying attribute groupings.

Visualization components and dual viewing modalities

As the project progressed I began to direct and collaborate with other members of the design team as they have pushed the design forward, working with product leadership and front-end engineers.

Profile exploration view

This project was one with a lot of twists and turns, ultimately ending in a profile visualization that can travel from a high level down to granular attributes. I worked directly on the designs at different points in the project and directing other designers at others.