CognitiveScale: Cortex Console

Role: Senior Design @ CognitiveScale


CognitiveScale provided AI infrastructure for enterprise clients. In order to manage the workloads that their customer’s data scientists would utilize I designed an infrastructure management console.

Console’s Technical Metering display on the Console Dashboard.

The Console is the backbone of administration for CognitiveScale’s Cortex platform. Here administrators, software developers, and security personnel manage everything from account access to deployment of AI applications. The design process was a mix of frenetic production and highly technical conceptual exploration. I was the sole designer for over a year, during which time I worked closely with product leadership and engineering to define features and design for the appropriate user, iterated over common patterns which informed our common design system, Neuron.

Console’s data connection flow and deployments.

As our team grew I began to direct feature design, working with other talented designers to add value to the functionality that the Cortex platform provides Data Scientists and Software Developers. Working as a team, we were able to expand the visual language, interview users, and continually improve the usability and utility of the Console.

The major benefit of the approach we took to the design and development of the Cortex Console was that it served as a sandbox to make important decisions about our work moving forward, including:

  • The brand and components of our design system
  • The user flows and pattens we would use throughout our products
  • The process by which we would collaborate as designers, engineers, and product managers.