Panetón and Inca Kola

Panetón and Inca Kola

Panetón is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I picked it up in Perú, where I would eat an unhealthy amount from November through December. Panetón is a soft fruitcake that is usually eaten with Inca Kola, or hot chocolate if you’re inclined.

Panetón isn’t originally from Perú. As far as I know, it originally comes from Italy, where it is known as Panetonne. But Peruvians have adopted it and it is now as Peruvian as potatoes or ceviche. I’ve adopted it too. That’s what traditions are, special practices you adopt that come to mean more and more as time goes on. Every year these buttery cakes taste better and the memories they bring to mind bring a smile to my face.

So, if you are in need of some uplift, find a tradition and adopt it. You can adopt mine if you’d like. D‘Onofrio makes the best Panetón, but if you can’t head to Perú or order one online, Trader Joe’s sells a good one too.

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