My name is Noah Read. I’m a designer, husband, and dad living in Austin, Texas. I use this website to write my thoughts, amusing updates, and catalog my work. I grew up in the United States, mostly in Salt Lake City, Utah, but for periods in Michigan, Alabama, and Colorado. I gained a love of reading, writing, and drawing from a young age.

After high school I served a two year mission for my church in Peru. When I returned home I moved to the Puget Sound to attend a small art college and study graphic design. I met my wife while living in the Seattle area and we started our family. I began my career and since then have lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan and now in Austin, Texas.

I am currently finishing up a Global MBA, volunteer for an organization that tells refugee stories, and doing freelance design work. You can also find me spending time with my family, reading until I pass out, taking pictures of beautiful things I see, or riding my bike around the Texas Hill Country.

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