Watching tech media follow the same playbook with a certain troll’s every utterance that political media has with another certain troll over the last few years is dispiriting. I don’t know how to correctly balance newsworthiness vs amplification, but I’ve never seen great results giving people who crave attention like a drug exactly what they want.

New bike week!

First Ride with Cascabel

Finished reading the Expanse series last week. The whole thing is so great. It starts as a compelling vision of a future where mankind has spread throughout the solar system and grows into something much much bigger. You get to know and love a growing and fascinating cast of characters. Each novel is tells a complete story and the series ends is very satisfying. I love it. Highly recommended.

Moab is beautiful

Dead Horse Point

Started playing A Plague’s Tale: Requiem last night. It's intense and beautiful, but mostly intense.

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